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Product Description

The fan makeup brush is one of those essential multi-tool brushes that every woman should own as a part of a versatile and fully-stocked makeup collection. The fan brush has more uses than a boy scout's Swiss army knife. without a fan makeup brush, you're going to have a difficult time creating that flawless, expert aesthetic that you see in all the high fashion magazines.

For starters, fan makeup brushes are used very frequently when it comes to finishing powders. These can include loose powder foundation, bronzers, or highlight and lowlight powders for creating contour and definition on your skin. The flat design, the soft bristles, and the arch-shaped edge all come together to make the blending process quicker, easier, and more efficient.

But that isn't all fan makeup brushes are used for. If you make a mistake while applying your makeup, a fan brush can be a life-saving correction tool. Did you spill some of your powdered eyeshadow down onto the lower parts of your face? Fan it away with a fan brush! Are your contours, blush, or bronzer looking just a little too streaky? Reach for the fan brush, and blend those streaks away until you can't tell where your shadows end and your highlights begin.

Fan Makeup Brush Benefits

Purchasing a Vessie Goldsmith Fan Makeup Brush is a worthwhile investment and addition to your makeup collection. The synthetic nylon fibers are cruelty-free. At Vessie Goldsmith, we don't believe in harming animals in the name of beauty. The nylon material is also very durable and will stand the test of time through multiple washings. The bristles of the brush have been dyed a contrasting burgundy color at the tip of each strand so that you know exactly how much product is on your brush, and when your brush is clean and free of residue after washing.

Our fan makeup brush comes with a long, narrow handle for easy gripping and maneuverability. The flat shape and arch of the bristles ensures that your makeup gets evenly applied to all the contours of your face, while making the blending process simple, quick, and effortless.

Fan Makeup Brush Instructions

For cleaning up makeup mistakes: fan brushes can be quickly and easily used to clean up "eyeshadow fallout" and excessive deposits of powder, blush, or bronzer. Take a clean, dry fan brush and gently brush away any loose eyeshadow from your cheeks or under your eyes. For excess powder deposits, gently sweep your fan brush across your face until the excess powder is either swept off or blended away.

For blending away makeup mistakes: if your blush, bronzer, or powder is a little too obvious and/or streaky, use your fan brush to blend the harsh borders away. You can hold the brush flat with the bristles parallel to the ground and press the narrow tip of the fan brush directly against your skin for blending narrow areas with swift, firm, side-to-side strokes. You can also turn the brush and use the entire width of the fan to blend over larger areas of your face.

For the application of beauty masques or peels: dispense a quarter-sized dollop of product on your hand, or into a sanitary receptacle. Dip your clean, dry fan brush into the product, and use the width of the fan brush to distribute a thin, even coat of product all over your face.

As with all makeup brushes, you should wash your fan makeup brush frequently. Brushes that are used by multiple people, dipped in multiple products, or left too long in between cleanings can spread bacteria and/or contaminate your makeup.

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