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One of the most basic, most essential, and most important necessities for a proper makeup kit is the Kabuki Makeup Brush. If you don't have one of these versatile brushes in your makeup collection right now, then we as makeup experts have to ask: what are you doing?!

In all seriousness, though, you really should consider investing in a high-quality kabuki makeup brush. It essentially does the work of four brushes in one. Its rounded design and easy-grip handle make it super easy to use while also blending your makeup flawlessly. Other brushes may try to come close (including mineral powder, blush, foundation, and loose powder brushes), but they can't even compare to the superiority of the Kabuki brush.

Kabuki makeup brushes are great for powder foundation because of how well they blend the loose powder into your skin and your liquid foundation base. They can also be used for seamless blending of blushes and bronzers. You can even use a kabuki makeup brush for the initial application of your liquid foundation.

Kabuki brushes, as the name would imply, do have historical origins in traditional Japanese Kabuki theater. Due to the nature of these productions, the makeup of the actors was an important part of the show. In many ways, a Kabuki actor's makeup was the major defining attribute of the character they were portraying. Naturally, only the best makeup tools would do for creating such an important aesthetic. As the world began to discover both the utility and the versatility of the Kabuki makeup brush, its use for everyday makeup application grew in popularity.

Kabuki Makeup Brush Benefits

Purchasing a Vessie Goldsmith Kabuki Brush is a worthwhile investment and addition to your makeup collection. The synthetic nylon fibers are cruelty-free. At Vessie Goldsmith, we don't believe in harming animals in the name of beauty. The nylon material is also very durable and will stand the test of time through multiple washings. The bristles of the brush have been dyed a contrasting violet color so that you know exactly how much product is on your brush, and when your brush is clean and free of residue after washing.

Our Kabuki makeup brush comes with a short, wide grip for easy handling and maneuverability. The domed shape of the brush ensures that your makeup gets evenly applied to all the contours of your face, and that blending is as effortless as it is flawless.

Kabuki Makeup Brush Instructions

For use with powder foundation, blushes, and bronzers: dip the Vessie Goldsmith Kabuki makeup brush into the loose powder (or gently swirl it around on the surface of compact powder) until the bristles are well coated, then gently tap off any excess powder. Apply the loose powder all over your face and gently rub until well-blended.

For liquid foundation, you can still use a short, wide kabuki brush - as a matter of fact, if you're a busy woman on the go, these brushes are superior to the smaller, flat kabuki makeup brushes which are traditionally used for liquid foundation application because the cut down your application time by several minutes. Place a dime-sized amount of foundation on the back of your hand and dip the center of the brush into the liquid. Apply to your face and rub gently until flawlessly blended. Wash any remaining foundation from the back of your hand.

If you use your kabuki makeup brush to apply product to yourself and others, or if you use one brush to apply multiple products to your face, you should clean your brush after every use. This reduces the risk of bacterial infection and makeup contamination.

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