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Lust Luster (Shimmer)

Berry Red Lipstick
Lust Luster

Vessie Goldsmith™ “Lust Luster” Silk Gloss Offers:

  • Beautiful Non-Sticky Shimmer
  • Beautiful Non-Sticky Gloss
  • Highly Addictive
  • Long Lasting Experience
  • Consistent Silky Smooth Sensation
  • Compliments Your Favorite Lipstick

True To The Hue!


Product Description

It is never too early, nor is it ever too late, to stock up on the perfect lip color for the fall season. And if you don't have a berry red lipstick in your makeup kit ready and raring to go for autumn, well, your leftover lip colors from spring, winter, and summer will still make you stand out - but for all the wrong reasons.

Berry red lipstick makes an excellent complement to a fall-inspired makeup palate in a number of ways. In the fall season, the vibrant and lively colors of summer are beginning to darken and grow more neutral, signaling the upcoming cold winter months. And since you still have several weeks of chilly-but-not-too-cold weather to enjoy, that gives you plenty of time to embrace the deep, robust colors that a fall palate allows before switching to the pale and frosty colors of winter.

Fall is also the season of harvest, which also means that it is the season for wine tasting in many northern latitudes. And what better lip color could you possibly wear to a luxurious wine tasting event than a berry red lipstick? As an added bonus, coating your lips in a color similar to the wine you may be tasting or drinking, such as a berry red lipstick, will prevent your lips from becoming stained. Most professional makeup artists and everyday women alike usually purchase their berry red lipsticks in pairs - one for getting ready at home, and an emergency stick in case you need a quick touch-up when you're out and about.

Berry red lipstick is perfect for virtually every skin tone. If you have fair skin, then darker is better. Any dark berry red lipstick, especially those with blue undertones, will really make your lips pop. For those with a medium/olive complexion, berry red lipsticks with more of a brownish hue will match your skin tone nicely, but try to stay away from lighter reds, especially those with pink undertones. And if you have a deep natural tan which lasts all year round, your skin tone can bring out the fun of plum- or mahogany-tinted berry red lipsticks.

You should also try to match your berry red lipstick color to the general undertone of your skin. There's a simple test for determining where you fall on the spectrum of "pink", "yellow", or "neutral": take a look at your jewelry box. Do you have more gold or silver jewelry in there? All the silver ladies are probably rocking some pink undertones in their skin, and will look great in anything with a detectable bluish hue incorporated into the berry color. Those classic ladies who are stocked up on gold jewelry would do well to make sure their berry red lipstick has a hint of a yellow or orange undertone, such as a maroon color. And if you're lucky enough to have a balance of both, then you get to have twice the fun - you'll look great no matter what color of berry red lipstick you decide to wear.

Berry Red Lipstick Benefits

Vessie Goldsmith berry red lipstick colors are made with a highly pigmented color formula. This ensures that you receive an even distribution of rich, luxurious color every time you apply. The long-lasting finish makes it so that you won't have to reapply as often, guaranteeing that your lipstick will last longer. Also, don't be shy about mixing and matching - Vessie Goldsmith lip colors are designed to complement our exclusive line of Vessie Goldsmith lip glosses. So you can add an extra layer of luscious shine with a matching lip gloss, or create a unique color of your own design by applying a lip gloss of a different color.

Berry Red Lipstick Directions

Apply a liberal amount of lip color to both top and bottom lip as desired. For best results, apply a complimentary long-lasting Vessie Goldsmith lip gloss over the base lip color. If desired, finish the look with a matching lip liner.


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